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Photography, Voice, and Hope in Afghanistan

The Streets of Afghanistan was a project based in hope.  Using photography as voice, and art as activism, we set up a series of street art installations in Afghanistan.  Red Reel was with us to document five of the seven exhibitions.  We can now share with you the beauty of the country, the reactions of those that saw the exhibition, and the place that art has in conflict zones.  It was such an honor to bring this exhibition to Afghanistan and to share it with Afghans.  We return in the spring for a finale exhibition in a secret location, and then distribute the photographs to orphanages, girls schools, women’s groups, Kabul stadium, and the Mayor’s office as a thank you for his office’s support of this public exhibition in the Kabul locations.  Thank you everyone that supported this project, we couldn’t be prouder.

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MoveShake Premieres at Adventure Film Festival

This Saturday, the short documentary film, MoveShake, premiered Shannon Galpin: A MoveShake Story on the big screen of Adventure Film Festival in Boulder. A story of determination of a life dedicated to raising the voices of women and girls in conflict zones like Afghanistan, and as her role as a mother of a seven-year-old daughter.
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