Strength in Numbers

After four years working in Afghanistan, Mountain2Mountain will launch it first domestic program, ‘Strength in Numbers’, in the United States, targeting young women at-risk, female military veterans, and violence survivors. Utilizing the bike as a vehicle for social justice, beyond traditional bike donations, instead considering mountain biking as a seed for cultural exchange and self-determination abroad and at home.

‘Strength in Numbers’ is an evolution from our ongoing work with women and girls in Afghanistan and our founder, Shannon Galpin’s, own personal experience as a victim of violence, and her continued push on gender and cultural barriers by becoming the first woman to mountain bike there, a country where women are not allowed to ride bikes.  The first program will launch in spring 2013 in five locations across the United States.

To understand the inspiration behind this program, watch Shannon’s TEDx talk on the Power of Voice which serves as a rallying cry to change our perceptions of victimhood. We know, that given a voice, victims can be the catalysts for change in their communities.

Follow Strength in Numbers project update here.

One thought on “Strength in Numbers

  1. Freshta says:

    I want to join bike riding competetation or motivation as a rider.
    Please how can I join?

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