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Holiday Gifts With Heart and Purpose

This holiday Mountain2Mountain has a few ideas for you to support our work in Afghanistan. Short and sweet we aren’t going to write a novel.  (That’s what our founder did – you can buy Mountain to Mountain: A Journey of Activism and Adventure for the Women of Afghanistan online or in bookstores)  We just want ask for your support and give you some ways to support our work while spreading holiday cheer to friends and family.

For the photographers, street artists, or lovers of Afghan culture in your life, give the coffee table book, Streets of Afghanistan. Art as activism and the power of photography to inspire and engage community.  A behind the scenes look at the groundbreaking Streets of Afghanistan pop up photography installation that took place across Afghanistan in 2012.  A collaboration of Afghan and Western photographers, this exhibition was documented by Tony Di Zinno in 2008 at its inception and in 2012 in 5 of the outdoor venues in Afghanistan.  You can purchase directly here:



For the cyclists and bike lovers in your community and family, you can gift them cycling kits just like the Afghan women wear and support our Strength in Numbers program that supports the Afghan women’s national team, two Afghan girls bike clubs, and is launching its first US based program in 2015.  Worn below by 4 time World Ironman Champion, Chrissie Wellington!  Produced by PrimalWear we have mens and women’s cycling kits available in Small, Medium, and Large.  We also have long sleeve wind jackets for women’s only in small, medium, and large. You can order directly from us at

Pricing = $110 for each jacket, $100 for jerseys and $95 for the shorts – this includes all US shipping.  Overseas orders may have extra shipping charges.  Get yours now and rock it all year in support of the women that dare to ride!



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Lastly, we couldn’t do our work without your direct financial support.

We need your help to continue our work, project by project, one step at a time, so please consider an end of year donation, and perhaps consider making a gift of a donation in a friend or family member’s name.   You can donate directly at