Women Ride Bamiyan – Cycling Takes Over

Last week, high in the Hindu Kush, a bike race was born. And there were girls. Girls borrowed bikes and took over the main road out of Bamiyan and their smiles tell the story.  The girl in the burgundy hat is Zahra, one of the first girls in the region to ride a bike.  She started teaching other girls to ride, and today there are around 30, many riding their bikes not for sport, but to get to and from school.  One of the young men that races on the men’s national team from Bamiyan, Mohammad, was part of the ride and supported these girls as a race official.

We have had the pleasure of skiing and riding with some of these girls, including Zahra, last spring, and in May there were only a handful of girls riding.  We hosted a training camp with the Kabul based national team, and Mohammad joined us for that ride too.  We met with Zahra and learned more about her story and why she started teaching young women to ride and how the community has reacted.  We rode around in front of the buddha niches and through town, while a young group of boys followed us around excitedly.  The number of girls riding here continues to grow, as does our desire to support them as they normalize bikes in their community, one girl at a time.   #pedalarevolution



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2 thoughts on “Women Ride Bamiyan – Cycling Takes Over

  1. arifa says:

    yeh we are riding bike with so many diffculties and we learn how to ride bike from zahra , but any of us dont have bike and we did some computition with browed bike which was given by a good women by the name of shannon and we are thankfull of her. but a boy by the name sajad coolected all the bike from us . i dont know why???
    Im a girl from the right to ride team from bamyan and we like to have more support from shannon in this case .

  2. Shannon Galpin says:

    Arifa, we will get you girls bikes to ride! Huge congrats on the Right to Ride – so proud of you!!!

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