Afghan Team Heads to Asia Cycling Championship

The Afghan Women’s National Team rolled out today in Kabul for their long journey to Astana, Kazakhstan for the Asia Cycling Championship.

Mountain2Mountain secured funding to pay for the visas, passports, travel, lodging, and racing fees for 4 racers, Coach Sediqe, and an assistant.  Thanks in large part to the current President of the Afghan Olympic Committee who we petitioned for support, we were able to financially support their inclusion in this important international competition.

They will be racing on their new Liv/giant composite racing frames, helmets, and jerseys.  We are excited to see the team represent Afghanistan  in this major cycling competition.


This is the sort of development that Mountain2Mountain is committed to supporting.  We have a 5 year plan to develop the women’s team, normalize bikes, and expand cycling in Afghanistan with the cycling federation, and part of this plan is international racing and development so that Afghan cyclists can meet their regional counterparts, represent Afghanistan on the international racing stage, and develop their fitness and technical skills in racing situations.

Help this team develop, grow, and make their nation proud by supporting their efforts and our efforts with the cycling federation.  You can donate here and ensure that these women can show their strength and their courage on two wheels.  This women are making historic change, they are challenging the taboo that prevents women from riding bikes in Afghanistan.  They challenge deep rooted gender barriers every time they ride, proving their courage with every pedal stroke.  We need to support them and show the world that women can pedal a revolution.

Help support their historic movement and donate today.


photo by Deni Bechard you can follow on instagram at @denibechard

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