Free the Bikes

In the end, it took a total of 18 hours over 2 days, visiting over 30 offices, gathering signatures, new forms, old forms, stamps, and drinking endless cups of green tea and make idle chitchat to get the myriad of paperwork completed for the Kabul Airport Custom House to release our 53 bikes donated by Liv/giant for the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team.  #freethebikes became a running gag in my jet lagged state of navigating Afghan bureaucracy.  Seeing the final bike loaded onto the truck alongside Coach Sedique, head of the Afghan Cycling Federation and coach of the women’s team was worth every cup of tea.  Time to ride!




IMG_3041  photo copy 3


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3 thoughts on “Free the Bikes

  1. Lincoln Murdoch says:

    Well done Shannon. Way to persevere! I know the ladies will be so excited. Greet Coach Sadiqi for me.

  2. Loran Galpin says:

    Happy days ! Keeping you in my thoughts each day . Good luck and great cycling to you and your team of bikers .

    Love ,


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  3. […] of their country, and mentor and recruit new riders nearly every training session. This trip I delivered over 50 racing and mountain bikes from Liv/giant, along with brand new helmets, gear, clothing, along with donated clothing, helmets, and equipment […]

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