Women, Bikes, and Afghanistan

We need your help to pedal a revolution!

As we return to Afghanistan to continue our work with the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team we are looking to raise the funds we need to pull off the trip by crowdsourcing Kickstarter style.  Our work over the past 5 years has always depended upon the generosity of the average person, donating small and large amounts to support the work we do and follow along on the journey as it unfolds.

In two weeks we leave, and we are looking to rally the masses to support the upcoming trip.  We have two weeks to raise $5,000 and we need everyone’s help, whatever that looks like to you.

Last spring we delivered our first round of gear for the mens and women’s national teams and started production on the film, Afghan Cycles with Let Media.  Afghan Cycles documents the story of the Afghan women that dare to ride which will premiere in 2014 at film festivals around the world.  You can see a glimpse of the that trip and our first steps with the team, which we will be continuing this trip.

Unfamiliar with the work we do, and why we do it?  Check out the TEDx talk by our founder, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Shannon Galpin about the bike as a vehicle of social change and how we are pedaling a two-wheeled revolution.

It truly takes a village – and we are grateful to everyone that has continued to support the work we do, and to those of you that are just joining us, we look forward to bringing you along on the journey ahead as we continue our next steps with your help!  A revolution doesn’t happen in a bubble, it takes hundreds of people willing to step up and join the movement!  Please join us to keep us rolling forward!

You can ensure the success of this upcoming trip by supporting our work and the women that dare to ride by donating today!!  We’ll update on Facebook daily as we get closer to reaching our goals!  It has been our biggest honor to work with the women and girls in Afghanistan, and it wouldn’t have been possible without individuals donating in belief that change is possible and that women around the world deserve a voice.   Thank you.

You can learn more about the work we do by visiting our website:  www.mountain2mountain.org

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