Mountain2Mountain Founder Shannon Galpin Featured in ‘American Dreamers’

The recently released American Dreamers book features an essay by our very own Shannon Galpin. What is American Dreamers? An initiative of Sharp Stuff, American Dreamers “is for those who believe in brighter futures. Gathering the optimists, mavericks, and mad inventors who believe we can create a better world, American Dreamers is a guidebook for optimism and an art book for inspiration.”

An excerpt from Shannon’s essay:

I was the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan. That really came from the fact that Afghanistan is a country where women cannot ride bikes, but as a foreign woman I am allowed to push on gender roles in a way that is more risky for Afghan women. I can challenge the gender roles as a mountain biker and a woman that lives in Colorado. I look at Afghanistan in the way it was viewed back in the 1950s  and 1960s, a tourist destination and a country that is rich in natural beauty. It would be an adventure travel paradise if it was not dealing with the instability of ongoing violence and war. I hoped to look at the area as a region and country that is more than what we see in the news and to show another side of the humanity and region many turn their eyes from.

To buy a copy of American Dreamers, or a digital version, click here.

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One thought on “Mountain2Mountain Founder Shannon Galpin Featured in ‘American Dreamers’

  1. kristyandersen says:

    Hey Shannon. Just saw your story on NBC – you’re the greatest!

    Kristy Andersen

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