Streets of Afghanistan By the Numbers

What does it take top produce a handful of full-scale public photo exhibitions in Afghanistan? We broke it down by numbers.

Bags checked all the way to Kabul: 32

Number of bags that made it safely to Kabul: 32

Hours spent waiting in Dubai airport: 22

Hours spent sleeping on Dubai airport floor: 3.5

Porters that it took to transport bags from airport to bus: 5

Photo exhibits produced: 4

Words learned in Dari: 61

Plates of Kabuli rice consumed: 11

Bolanis eaten: 13

Glasses of tea: 78

Cappucinos at expat cafes: 27

Turkish “crack” candies: 139

Stomach aches induced by overeating of Turkish “crack” candies: 2

People who rode bikes inside of palace ruins: 3

Official Afghan guards who rode Shannon’s bike and flipped over the front: 1

Flat tires on bikes: 3

Flat tires on buses: 1

Attractive Georgians: 1

Scarves purchased: 59

Afghan policeman who had acted in a police television series: 1

Food photos Anna took: 266

Jumping photos: 3

Severed cows’ heads seen: 19

Police commanders met with: 4

Afghan National Cycling Team members: 18

Pomegranate juices: 48

Courtyard garden work sessions: 7

First ever international Afghan boxing matches attended: 1

Gigabytes of photos: 148

Predawn wakeups: 4

Post sunset returns: 11

Mouse sightings in dining room: 4

Bruises received from setting up show: 18

Gushing flesh wound repaired by zoo doctor: 1

Carrot cakes Shannon ate in one sitting: 3

Impromptu fake marriages out of convenience: 1

In 2008 Mountain2Mountain launched the Streets of Afghanistan project, facilitating a collaboration of Afghan and Western photographers to document Afghan life through the rarely seen Afghan lens, immersing the viewer in the landscapes and faces of Afghanistan, transporting them directly into the culture and mindset of the country’s people. After touring the U.S. the exhibit of 29, 10×17 photographs now returns to the Afghan people. Follow along as we bring the exhibition back to Afghanistan

Image: Anna Brones

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One thought on “Streets of Afghanistan By the Numbers

  1. Janis Rapchuk says:

    I have been following on Facebook your exhibit and the reaction from Afghans. I think it is a worthwhile and innovative endeavour.

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