A Garden of Photography for Women in Kabul

Women were a rarity at the three public exhibitions in Afghanistan.  While many families attended Babur Gardens, only a few saw the exhibition in Istalif and the Kabul Zoo.  Therefore, it was a pleasure to bring the exhibition to the Women’s Garden in the heart of Kabul.

A peaceful refuge in the midst of the Kabul chaos of traffic, its a space where women can walk free from stares of men or harassment.  One woman shared that this was her very first exhibition of any kind.  Even though there are many exhibitions in Kabul, she has never seen one because the security is often not good for women.

The Director of the Women’s Garden was a huge help to allow us access and allow our male photographer in the garden.

In 2008 Mountain2Mountain launched the Streets of Afghanistan project, facilitating a collaboration of Afghan and Western photographers to document Afghan life through the rarely seen Afghan lens, immersing the viewer in the landscapes and faces of Afghanistan, transporting them directly into the culture and mindset of the country’s people. After touring the U.S. the exhibit of 29, 10×17 photographs now returns to the Afghan people. Follow along as we bring the exhibition back to Afghanistan

photos by Di Zinno

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