Monthly Archives: March 2009

Emerging Steps

Following my return from Kabul last November, it seems I’ve yet to catch my breath.  Wanting a rest, and instead ploughing forward with a newly hired Development Director, gathering together a Board of Directors and Advisory Council, planning our first Board work retreat day, and praying the IRS would finally grant us our tax exemption status as our own sustainable 501 (c) 3 non profit organization.

Whew.  Not much rest there.

3 months fly by and voila!  We have an 8 person Board of Directors, 7 Advisory Council member (with representatives on both coasts), 1 retreat, 1 board meeting, and 4 working committees, 2 staff, and our 501 (c) 3 status confirmed.   That’s some serious numbers for a founder cum executive director with poor math skills!

Now with committees getting underway, I find my plate overflowing with a workload that is based on catching everyone else up!  The long term benefit will far outweigh this short term data download.  Soon four committees worth of imagination and talent will be taking our previously laid groundwork and developing it into a fully operational non profit like I’ve been dreaming of!

Our mission has always been focused on education and connecting communities and cultures globally.   Focusing our energies not only on the projects overseas with communities in need, but also at home to create interest, understanding and support for those projects helps to create a sustainable connection that we hope equates to long term support!   Our first two fundraising cycles were focused on partner non profits working in mountainous and remote regions of Central Asia.  This allowed us the time to develop our own mission based both on what we saw worked, and to discover what didn’t.   Now, as our own tax status is confirmed and our Board is formed, Mountain to Mountain takes its first emerging steps forward on its own.

As we step forward, so too, do I.  Into my transitional role as the Executive Director.  Into a role as public speaker and frontman.  Into a return visit to Afghanistan next month.  Into an evolving ‘baby’ that I must somehow both let go and continue to nurture in order for it to thrive.

and so…baby steps go forth.  Wish us luck!